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Health, Wellbeing
& Happiness

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Why use Puffell?
Connect with like-minded people, to support and encourage each other.
Set goals to improve your health, wellbeing and happiness.
Celebrate good things people have done with P-ARKS.
Inspire and be inspired!

Puffell is a place designed for you to live well.
What’s living well?
Simply put, when you are well, you are happy!

It’s a universal belief most people just want to be happy in their lives. Yet research shows we’re really bad at identifying what makes us happy and well, and dealing with the things that make us unhappy and not well.

Puffell is a free space, with different Decks for you to make positive changes in your life, or in your community.

On Puffell you can find like-minded people to connect with, set up a local interest or activity group, or find support and services to reach your wellbeing goals.

We don’t have advertising and you are in complete control of who you share your Puffell journey with. What’s more, unlike a lot of social and health tracking sites, Puffell does not share or sell your personal data, and we never will.
How do I connect?
Once you’ve registered on Puffell, you can start adding Friends (friends, family or like-minded people around you that can be found using our search feature).

Friends is where you can Patter (a status update style bulletin board) with Pals and the different Decks are for setting yourself wellbeing goals and tracking your progress.

You can connect with your community by finding groups to join using a keyword or postcode search, and you can create groups of your own too. Puffell is what you make it…
Be healthy
Make a change
Be the change
Support others and yourself
Value experiences, not things
Make yourself happy
Do some good
Claim your space
You belong here
Dream big dreams
Create your reality
Grow our ideas
Ask our questions
Give our answers

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